So here’s the deal, I quit my job in Sweden a few months ago and decided to make a life change. I packed my bags and left the big city for a small village in Provence to get away from stress, fast food and fast living. A kind of my own eat, pray, love story but with more healthy eating, less praying and as for the loving part, well, who knows. So for now I swapped my two bedroom apartment for a beautiful stone house. My non-existant balcony with no view for a big terrace overlooking the Luberon valley. My daily walks to work amongst traffic to morning swims in the pool amongst lavender fields. My morning coffee for morning juice.

I know what you’re thinking, mid-life crisis, but I like to see it as a mid-life revelation to realising my life was headed in a direction I didn’t see a happy ending to. So instead of just following the path to see where it would lead, I decided to turn right and steer my path towards something better…

…walk with me and let’s enjoy this stroll together!


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