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The village of Isle sur la Sorgue is known for its many antique stores selling everything from old beautiful silver cutlery to books. There is, however, one particular store situated just by the central station, called La Boutique de Francine…


What’s so special about this store amongst the many others in this village? From the look of it on the outside you probably wouldn’t even bother to have a look inside. And to be honest, not even when you peak inside do you feel like discovering what the store has to offer. But if you just let your eyes rest from all the clutter a bit, you will start to see what it is that I’m trying to narrate to you.


Feast your eyes on all the beautiful french fabric that this store buys from all over France. What? Fabric? That’s it? you might think, but this isn’t just any french fabric, this store holds metres and metres of textile history.


Old, embroidered, extraordinary table cloths, napkins and linens some from the 1800’s and some even older. You’re buying a piece of history and quite an expensive part as well, but it’s an investment that will go down as family heritage one day…