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Of all the villages here in the Luberon valley, I probably have most emotional connection to Gordes. When I first started visiting this part of the country, about six years ago, I used to always take my afternoon coffee at the restaurant by the fountain in the heart of the village and just watch people walking by.



The same place that has played a central role in several movies throughout the years and made lots of women feel like a young Catherine Deneuve, sitting there at the same restaurant as me, sipping on that coffee and smoking a cigarette…so very French.


Gordes is probably the one village that attracts most tourists during the Summer and there’s no wondering why. It’s a stunning old village perched on the southern edge of the high Plateau de Vaucluse, I call it the “hanging village”.


Be aware of the tourist traps here, everything is more expensive than in other villages around the valley where you can buy exactly the same things but for much less. But don’t let this discourage you from going there, it’s a must see if you’re in this region.


IMG_7101There is a reason why the former French president Francois Mitterand bought a house there for his mistress, why tourists flock to see this jewel, why it’s known to be the most posh village in the valley…it’s a real gem amongst all other gems around this area.


Yesterday’s photo shoot got me thinking why on earth I stopped with my afternoon coffees here and reminded me to bring that tradition back to life again. After all, traditions are meant to be kept, n’est pas?