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Every Saturday all the local farmers collect their fresh produce and bring them to the farmers market in the village of Apt for both tourists and locals to feast their eyes on. During high season (i.e. Summer) when there are many tourists around the market kind of looses its charm as you don’t have the time to actually enjoy the different stands and their products.


A farmers market for me is when you can walk around without elbowing your way through a crowd and both smelling and tasting what it is that you’re buying without hasting.


The real charm about these markets, even though they are considered big for this region, all the farmers recognise you. The friendly banters and casual small-talks are personal here and not just something you do or say because you feel like you have to, it all makes perfect sense and fits the occasion without it being bothering.


But the market on Saturdays for local people isn’t just a going to the market type of thing, it’s a meeting place for them and their friends. Once your baskets have been filled with delicousness it’s time for a coffee and croissant at the local café where some of your friends are already enjoying theirs. You take a seat and more and more friends join the table while others bid their farewell.

“Same place, same time next Saturday?” is the usual thing to say when kissing everyone’s cheek goodbye…