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In 2007 this vineyard made the headlines due to a star filled bidding war. Brangelina (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie), Julio Iglesias and a swede named Bengt Sundström fought over Château Vignelaure when it became available on the market. Bengt was willing to pay a bit more than the others and is therefore the current and proud owner of this beautiful vineyard together with his Danish wife.


To be honest I wouldn’t even have known about this if it wasn’t for that story in the newspapers and seeing that I am a curious person I just had to go there to see what the fuzz was all about.


After taking some pictures of the beautiful château we headed inside to taste the wine. Oh my, what an enormous surprise, the wine was magnificent! We thought the wine was going to be a simple perhaps mediocre wine but boy were we wrong. We chose one box of the 2007 and one box of the 2008 Château Vignelaure which we were instructed to store for about 10-15 years for an even greater taste than it has today.


However, our curiosity wasn’t completely satisfied with just tasting the wine, we wanted to know everything about this place and its amazing wines. We kindly asked the young lady working there if it would be possible to get a tour of the wine cellar and together with another couple she took us on an extraordinary wine and history tour through the enormous wine cellar that holds more than 200 000 bottles of wine.


You can really see and feel the passion that the current owners have for both wine and art. They have combined them both impeccably. The good news for those of you who are as curious as we are you don’t need to travel miles and miles to go there (even though it’s worth it) you can visit their online store to get your own bottle filled with heavenly drops.


And if you ask me what the fuzz was all about…well it’s all very clear to me now!