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Another day, another vineyard…and not just any vineyard but that same vineyard where the movie “a good year” was filmed. Russell Crowe’s character inherited an old vineyard after the passing of his uncle, where he later on in the movie discovered that one of their wines “Coin Perdu” was a real hidden gem amongst the other horrible wines they were producing.


Chateau la Canorgue made a smart move and started selling one of their wines labeled as “Coin Perdu” after the success of the movie, even though that label was totally made up for the film. And guess what, they have been sold out almost every year! You can’t even taste a bottle before deciding to buy it or not, they claim it needs to rest for another year or so which is normal when it comes to wines. However, not being able to taste the wine you’re buying is a bit strange but if you’re sold out anyway and for 15 EUR per bottle, then why should you open bottles just for tasting…I don’t blame them.


Feeling a bit touristy we bought a box of three bottles…I will get back to you in a year to let you know if it was worth it…my bet is that it’s more clever marketing than good taste…

However, if this beautiful Chateau and its fantastic surroundings can add just a little pinch of its beauty to the taste…then the wine might actually be a big hit!