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If any of you have seen the movie “a good year” with Russell Crowe, you might know that the movie was partly set here in Provence. Ridley Scott, the director of the movie, lives here in the Luberon valley since a few years and has therefore come to know all the beautiful gems all around this area. One of those gems is the village of Cucuron where the date between the characters of Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard, in that same movie, was set. They were seated at a table next to a pond (l’étang in French) whilst watching a movie, having a romantic time, before the rain started pouring down. Well, yesterday that village was in the centre of another, totally different, event and that was the yearly Marché Nocturne (loosely translated to “midnight market” in English) where locals display bits and bobs for other locals and tourists to buy. The stands were set on one side of the l’étang and on the other side the local restaurants had their seating areas for all hungry diners and spectators to enjoy. Our close friends are the owners of one of those restaurants, so a few of us decided to meet up to enjoy a lovely Provencal dinner amongst friends, underneath the tall plane trees, in what almost felt like a Ridley Scott theatrical setting…but even better…it was all real.

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