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We are not really a family with many traditions but there is one event that brings us all together each year and that is my mom’s birthday. For some reason this has become a holy date when we all gather to celebrate it together. We always try different restaurants around the area every year and yesterday it fell on the magnificent restaurant belonging to the Hotel Crillon Le Brave in the village of Crillon Le Brave located on a hill top village surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.


IMG_3998The terrace of the restaurant where most guests were seated had amazing views over the surroundings and by the end of the night the restaurant was fully seated, and we understood why. It’s not just the view that makes it a place-to-go, but the food and the impeccable “Swiss” service. I call it that because the Swiss are known for having the best service in the world but I also studied at a hotel school in Switzerland and have been trained to have an eye for these types of details. Surely there were a few mistakes done by the service staff but it didn’t really bother me or any of the other guests.

This restaurant is a definitive YES and I would give it 4 olive branches out of 5.



stuffed zucchini flower with blue lobster
bisque flavored with Cognac.